Improve Website Indexing Rates With Unique SEO Strategies

Mobile use has increased every year since they were designed, which constitutes a key element in the referencing of a person’s web space. As proof of the enthusiasm aroused around mobile use, several conferences organized by Google have addressed the issue: “how to improve the referencing of websites on mobile applications?” This year, through recent updates of its algorithm, Google’s search engine favors websites that have a mobile version, improving their rank in the SERPS. In order to comply with Google’s requirements and to make its site “mobile friendly”, two solutions are available to each designer. First, people may want to configure its website using “responsive design“, that is, designing a site in the same way as it would on a PC, tablet or mobile device. Dynamic serving is a second solution, which is to use the same URL regardless of the device being used. If these techniques can be complicated and sometimes expensive, they make it possible to become a “mobile friendly” site, which is beneficial for SEO.

SEO on mobile friendly sites

With the growth of the industry and the new Google guidelines, mobile referencing experts are coming up with solutions to ensure the visibility of each site on mobile devices. Each traditional SEO consultant also offer SEO services to help people escape the censorship of Google. In 2015, mobile applications were also a challenge for companies. They were subjected to the rules that govern SEO, so here are some recommendations to improve a website’s positioning in search engines:

  • The title (which is on the URL of the application page) must be a maximum of 25 characters and must summarize the content of the page.
  • The number of characters for the description is unlimited on Apple devices.
  • The category should be chosen with care. People can select two from the Apple Store against one on Google Play. It remains important to know how to position itself in relation to its competitors.
  • User reviews improve each business’ SEO on each mobile application. Always provide visitors with a link to the application.
  • The logo should be representative of the activity of the application. Choose one that is easy to remember and that stands out from the competition. A logo can make all the difference!
  • “Screenshots” are designed to get a key message out about the site. Retrofit them regularly to stir up the curiosity of your visitors. A search engine optimization expert is key during this part of the process.
  • Net-linking for a mobile application is just as important as for websites. With the quality of inbound links, people can place their application at the top of the search results.

Creating a site



When creating a site, the first step is to assign it a domain name. This choice is not insignificant, because it will condition its success. It is essential that your site remains well referenced by search engines while attracting customers naturally. Here are a few tips. Use keywords to be well positioned. One of the posted by search engines remains to give each site a domain name that represents a simple version of its business. If a person works in the field of organic food, just use these two words, which will make it possible to gain an identifiable domain name quickly. This rule is valid for all sectors: a furniture store whose domain name contains all of these words would also quickly find its place on the internet. This method allows users, who search using one or more matching keywords, to locate their company’s site in the first results of Google. But know that for search engines, keywords are not enough to be well placed in their list. It will also be necessary to think of creating an ergonomic site, with responsive and attractive design in order to convince users to visit the site, and to make the search engines aware of the quality of the site so it can get to the top and stay there.

Each address should have a specific title

To keep customers coming back, each search engine optimization consultant will tell their client that brand-building is severely judicious, because it refers to an accurate and identifiable image. More evocative than a keyword, to give a precise name to its site will make it possible to singularize it. The initial referencing will require more work, especially when it comes to content, images or links so that traffic can be properly managed. But as soon as the process is up and running, the popularity of that site will increase and the search engines should better consider it by placing it on the first page. Never forget that quality content will be the best way to improve a company’s natural SEO, which will help people get noticed by the search engines organically. For more information, contact a local SEO expert today.