Adapting Your SEO Strategy to Work For Voice Search

Google Now, Cortana, Siri: IT giants are refining their voice support solutions. Although they are in their infancy, these technologies are gradually impacting web search habits. A fundamental change is being implemented, which is becoming increasingly taken into account by SEO techniques. What will change when it comes to SEO voice searches?

Voice research, a technique in full development

Some years ago, vocal research was still marginal. A recent study by Google shows that these services are now commonplace. 65% of American teenagers use voice research at least once a day (41% of adults) and an overwhelming majority – 90% – believe it is the future of web research. The adoption of this technique by the general public, and especially by young people, is due to two main factors. On the one hand, Apple, Microsoft, and Google are investing heavily in this technology while continuously improving it. On the other hand, the explosion of the smartphone market has caused issues. 2014 is the year when, for the first time, searches of mobile terminals exceeded those of fixed and portable computers. However, voice search has a preponderant place. Industry analysts predict strong growth in the coming years.

Consequences of voice search

Mobile Search

Mobile Search

The impact of voice research on the nature and formulation of requests is important. If the setback is lacking for a detailed analysis of all the consequences, some lessons can already be drawn up. Queries tend to lengthen with voice searches. Keywords, which are so dear to SEO techniques, could lose their importance in favor of complete phrases. When prepositions are often omitted during a keyboard search, these will be much less so for voice searches. Moreover, the correct syntax and correct spelling are better represented. The voice search assistant is reformulated with a lower error rate (only 8.4% for Google Search or 3 times less than three years ago). Voice searches are preferred by mobile users and promote detailed research, addresses, routes, and so on. Voice requests are more a matter of conversation. Thus, for example, questions take a significant place in this type of research. A search engine optimization expert can better explain this.

Simple solutions for referencing

SEO must adapt to this new situation and must do so as soon as possible with regard to sites whose target audience is young and accustomed to new technologies. Some simple solutions can meet this challenge. First, writing more content and answering simple questions, for example, could increase page ranking substantially. The quality of keywords, their relevance, and frequency on the pages of a website constitute the basis of the effectiveness of natural referencing. The choice of these keywords undoubtedly affects the positioning of a site on the numerous search engines. Commercial sites must register their names on sites where several people from different backgrounds, such as forums or social networks, meet. This registration must be done on a daily basis. This method aims at raising the awareness of surfers, and to make known the company and the products or services that it makes available to its consumers. An SEO expert can help determine what solutions are needed.

Adapting your SEO to the algorithms of a search engine

The behavior of search engines is never constant. These engines continually renew their algorithm. This development depends on several conditions, including the evolution of technology, the web market, the needs of Internet users and, above all, the importance of competition. Natural SEO should consider the change generated by this evolution as this evolution varies from one search engine to another. Yahoo or Bing may not necessarily consider pages or sites optimized by Google. This is why having a search engine optimization consultant is so important.

Feeding relevant content pages

Relevant content is not only high-quality, its text is information-rich. It is also a text with relevant keywords. The use of relevant keywords optimizes the content of each page, which means that robots can easily detect that the information is important. An SEO consultant may say it is necessary to put some words between tags to ensure production. Choosing the right keywords can make all the difference. The choice of keywords remains an essential criterion in the SEO process. This step is never easy. It should be noted that the right keywords must at least satisfy two main conditions. They must be frequently typed by Internet users, and must not fall within the scope of highly competitive keywords, as these are very difficult to position. Search engines do not only take into account site content or pages. They inevitably consider their design and accessibility. One should not neglect the choice of colors, as well as the structure of the site and its correlating pages. In this context, the site must have a clear navigation with a detailed plan. Contact your local SEO professional to learn more about these tips.